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If you would like to know more about the Jeep® Preferred Partner Program, have a technical issue or just a general question regarding the program fill in your details below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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Jeep® Preferred Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers (PPP Customers) eligible to receive benefits under the Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd Preferred Partner Program (PPP) must be full-time or part-time employees or members of organisations or associations that Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd has listed as a Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd PPP members (PPP Members).
  2. PPP Customers are entitled to purchase up to four (4) new vehicles in any period of 12 consecutive calendar months (including purchases for spouse or children).
  3. All passenger vehicles offered by Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd (including the brands Jeep, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Fiat) are eligible under the PPP (PPP Vehicles). Selected Limited Edition vehicles may also be excluded from the program.
  4. PPP Customers are entitled to purchase any PPP Vehicle at the price stated in current Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd national retail offers at time of purchase plus an additional discount depending on the model.
  5. PPP Vehicles purchased by a PPP Customer or nominee must be retained for a minimum of six months, unless authorised by Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd.
  6. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the eligible PPP Customer as shown on the Corporate Voucher or other documentation approved by Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd (Certificate).
  7. Vehicles can be registered in more than one name, so long as one of those names is the eligible Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd PPP Customer end user/purchaser whose details are shown on the Certificate.
  8. The Certificate is valid for vehicle orders placed within the same month of issue from the date on the Certificate (or any other eligibility period specified in the Certificate and approved by Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd).
  9. The PPP offer can be changed or withdrawn by Stellantis Australia Pty Ltd at any time without notice to PPP Customers or PPP Members.